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Dress Code

Uniforms must be worn at all times.  Parents will be contacted to bring student uniforms if a student is out of uniform.  Mandated school uniforms are as follows:

  • Tops
    • Shirts may be one of the following:
      • White or navy polo style with short or long sleeves
      • CES T-shirt in navy blue
  • Bottoms
    • Pants, Shorts, Skirts, “Skorts,” or Jumpers
      • solid tan khaki cotton or navy blue cotton twill
  • Footwear 
    • It is suggested that students wear tennis shoes to school.
    • Shoes with a back are required.
  • Restrictions
    • Caps and hats are banned from school campuses during regular school hours.  Caps worn to school during cold weather should be placed in school bags during class.
    • Shoes that are worn must have a back or back strap, no flip flops.
**We recommend you send an extra set of uniform clothes (including socks and underwear) in a Zip-loc bag for PK and K students in their book bag.**