PreK Christmas Program
Third grade students in the school helped lead the way for visiting family and friends who came to view their children in the Christmas Program.


Kindergarten Christmas Program

1st Grade Christmas Program

2nd Grade Christmas Program

Faculty Christmas Party
Faculty meeting and Christmas gifts presented to the faculty/staff.
There was also Christmas King Cake and Coffee/Hot Chocolate served before the meeting.

"Fish"tastic Para of the Week: Pat Dedon
Mrs. Pat Dedon is our PK/K Paraprofessional. She is wonderful and will do whatever is asked of her. We are very grateful for Mrs. Pat Dedon!

Title 1 Family Literacy Night: PJ's & Polar Express

Chorus Performs at the Northshore Square Mall

Terrific Kids

Teacher of the Week: Sarah Thompson
There has NEVER been a day that I haven’t seen Mrs. Thompson “Fishing”.  She always has a huge smile on her face.  She comes to school with a great attitude ready to teach her babies.  Everyone can tell she loves coming to school every day.  She’s here because she LOVES it.    We appreciate Mrs. Thompson very much!!!

Honoring Celeste Keuhne in Early Childhood Classrooms
Pictured is Leslie McDermott, special education staff member, reading The Kissing Hand to Mrs. Noggerath’s classroom. In honor of the late Celeste Kuehne, this is a day to remember and reflect on her and to share her passion and love with the Early Childhood children through a story.    Celeste had a passion for working with young children.  She joined St. Tammany Parish School System in 1997 as a Preschool Teacher and later would become the Coordinator of the Early Childhood Special Education Program. The book, The Kissing Hand, will be shared and read in every Early Childhood classroom in St. Tammany Parish today (12/5), (in honor of 12/4 which is Celeste’s birthday).  Special Education Staff members will join these classes to share in the reading and reflection. Celeste kissed our hands and our hearts with all the good things she did for children and teachers.

Ornament Crafts with Mrs. Thompson's Class
Our school theme this year is Camp CES…Where Learning is an Adventure”. The students made precious “camping” ornaments for our tree in the front lobby.  They made sleeping bags, campfires, s’mores and pine cones. We are very thankful for Mrs. Thompson and her class for making these for us.