CES Administrators Create Tailgating Fun for Teachers & Staff

The administration surprised our Faculty and Staff with a “Team CES” tailgating lunch. Hot dogs, chili, chips, salad and dessert were served for over 100 faculty and staff members here at CES. "We are so proud of our entire school and EVERYONE that works here! We wanted to make sure they knew it!" shared Melissa Eason, Principal.

Covington Elementary's Parish Fair Booth

Play Writing & Acting by Gifted Students at Covington Elementary

The first and second grade gifted students of Covington Elementary wrote and starred in their own play. They have been studying cultural stories from around the world and decided to write a play based on the book Anansi and the Magic Stick written by Eric A. Kimmel. The students were in charge of dialog, scenery, puppet making and acting. The result was a phenomenal adaptation of a folktale from the West Indies about Anansi the Trickster.

Terrific Kids