Living Museum
On May 22, 2017, the gifted students at Covington Elementary hosted a living museum to showcase their learning. It was a culmination of this semester’s hard work. Each student chose a famous Egyptian and researched him/her. They invited the school to visit their museum where they recited a speech about their famous person. The students also put original works, including sarcophagi, an Egyptian Gods pantheon list, and maps of ancient Egypt, on display.  Students throughout the school were given the opportunity to interact with the museum exhibits. It ended up being a fun and education experience for all.


Brady Awards
Andrew and Ava won the annual Brady Award for the 2016-2017 school year. It is awarded each year to students who demonstrate integrity, scholarship, leadership, caring, citizenship and is presented by Mr. Brady, himself.

CES Crossing Guard, Alan Knight, Retires
On May 23, Covington Elementary School's faculty, staff, parents, and students will say farewell to a man who has faithfully served the kids of St. Tammany Parish Schools for 11 years. We will forever remember your wonderful costumes during the holidays and great big smile each and every day!

Fishtastic Teacher of the Week: Misty Hebbler
Misty Hebbler, our TRT, is absolutely amazing!  This is her first year here at CES, and you would think she was a veteran. She is always there whenever she is needed! We are so glad you joined the CES Family!

Jerry Aldrich from Kiwanis presents a generous $600 donation to CES

Terrific Kids

CES Loves Their Teachers and Proudly Shows It!

Fishtastic Paras of the Week: Vicki LaCava and Virginia Tregre
Ms. LaCava and Ms. Tregre our OUTSTANDING “Fish”tastic Paras of the Week! They both are amazing paras that serve our severe/profound students. They never hesitate to do ANYTHING asked of them. They are 2 of the best!