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February Photos Banner

Black History Month
Everyday during the month of February, one student from goes to the Principal Eason's office for the morning announcements and reads about a past/present African American. After each reading, the information is posted in the main hall for everyone to see.Boy is pictured holding a telephone receiver and reading aloud from a sheet of paper for morning announcements.A second boy is pictured reading from his paper.  The document has a picture of George Washington Carver and three lengthy paragraphs on him.

Meterologist Visits Covington Elementary
Meteorologist Alexandra Cranford, of WWL-TV Weather Center, visited students in Covington Elementary School's Gifted Enrichment class.  
She addressed how we use radars and satellites to predict the weather.  Her visit augments students' study of Earth within the larger Solar System.  Pictures include students using current satellite data to forecast the week's weather.Seven students are pictured sitting around a large table discussing the weather with Ms. Cranford, who is smiling and leaning in to better talk with them.Ms. Crawford is pictured holding up a book and teahcing the students at the table about cloud formations.The students crowd around Ms. Crawford for a group photo.  The children are all have big smiles on their faces and one boy is posing with his arms raised up high in the air.


3rd Grade Mardi Gras ParadeFront view photo of all 3rd graders preparing to walk the parade behind their CES banner5 children pose in their parade costumes: child as a tree with leaves all over his head, girl as red riding hood, boy with pirate cap, girl with pink jacket, and girl with bird mask and felt feather cloakstudent pictured in robot costume made of cardboard boxes and silver paintCES Parade Sign on Fire Engine

1st Grade Float ParadePicture displays children sitting on the walls of hallway and watching as 1st grade students parade down the center of the hallway with their shoebox float creationsclass with purple and green crowns and carrying their floats parade past watching students at CESboy smiling and proudly showing off his wrestle-mania float that has a boxing ring and two wrestlers in itLittle girl with glasses and a float covered in flowers and butterflies makes a happy face with her mouth openedpicture of girl pulling her elaborate shoebox float on wheelsboy with crown on his head walks past while carrying his float that has a roof and shiny paper covering the box

100th Day
Students in the early childhood program at Covington Elementary School celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as 100 year-old people! They celebrated being 100 days smarter! 6 children all dressed as the elderly with one having a green face and a sign that states that she did not use a lifeboat when on titanic3 little girls dressed as old ladieslittle girl with bright orange curlers in her dark hair, which has white powder sprinkled in to appear gray2 young boys, one in sweater and tie and the other with old-fashioned shirt, glasses, and caneboy with plaid shirt, sweater vest, large glasses and bushy eyebrows and mustacheyoung boy with red plaid shirt, fake glasses, and mustachegirl in white knit sweater and boy with vest and thick fake glassesboy with sweater, bowler hat, and bowtielittle girl with large bun on her head and white powder in her hairboy tiwht flatcap, bushy gray brows, suspenders, and bowtie with artificially graying teacher and other boy with sweater vest and mustache2 girls: one with borrowed short-hair wig and glasses with attached chain and other with painted wrinkles and gray hairboy with bowtie, fedora hat, suspenders, and glasses that have wrinkled forehead and gray brows attachedStaff dressed in housedress with cane and student with plaid shirt and suspendersteacher with dress suit, pillbox hat and gray wig in front of her classroom and studentsteacher with curlers and house dressstaff emmber with shaggy white wig, robe and walkerteacher with knee-high pantyhose around ankles, pearls and graying hair100 day banner hanging across entrance to hallway with streamers hanging down across entire entryway

3rd Grade General Store
Students in the third grade at Covington Elementary School worked on researching a business model. They decided on a product to sell, made a poster to describe their product, collected or created their product, and handled all the money during sales. They learned responsibility in managing their shop as well. All money raised during the general store will be used to fund their field trip to the State capital later this year.2 girls in front of their table with nachos and slime in LSU and Saints colorslittle girl in pink apron sticking her tongue out for the camera in front of her snack store table2 girls with their soda and candy shop tables, smilingpicture of the gym with rows of tables set up for general store shop and kids and parents walking around shoppingsecond picture of gym with adults making purchases from student shopstwo girls pictured with their cupcake shop and nail salonlittle girl with curlers in hair and glasses for 100th day proudly displaying the purchases she has made

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