"Fish"tastic Teacher of the Week: Lauryn Faciane
Our “Fish”tastic Teacher of the Week is Mrs. Lauryn Faciane. She’s always fishing and in a good mood. You’ll always see a smile on her face. She offers to help whenever necessary. She’s a great 3rd grade teacher, and we appreciate her so much! 

PBIS: CHS Football Team Hangs out with CES Lion Cubs!

"Fish"tastic Staff of the Week: Pat Cutrer
Ms. Kecia Hurd is Covington Elementary School’s “Fish”tastic Staff Member of the Week! Ms. Kecia is not only our custodian, but she’s a huge cheerleader here at CES. She brings doughnuts and treats almost on a weekly basis and never hesitates when anyone needs help. She’s a true asset to CES!!! 

"Fish"tastic Para of the Week: Pat Cutrer
Mrs. Pat Cutrer is our “Fish”tastic Para of the Week. Mrs. Pat goes above and beyond at CES.
Anything asked of her, she will do without hesitation. She does a great job and we appreciate her immensely!

 January Terrific Kids

"Fish"tastic Teacher of the Week: Anna McDanell
Mrs. Anna McDanell is our “Fish”Tastic Teacher of the Week.”  Mrs. McDanell is a team player who loves her job, and her students love her, too. She always puts in 110% into every single day that she is here. We are so lucky to have Mrs. McDanell as part of our CES 2nd grade team!