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Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

Our school-wide behavior plan here at Covington Elementary is called The Fish Philosophy. The goal of our program is to set clear expectations that will support our students as they learn to make appropriate choices in a variety of settings which will promote a positive and supportive learning environment for all students. There are four components to The Fish Philosophy that guide our school behavioral expectations. We ask for your cooperation in helping us to help all students accept responsibility for their actions and develop self-discipline by discussing these four expectations.

Have Fun Learning Work made fun gets done, especially when we choose to do serious tasks in a lighthearted spontaneous way. Play is not just an activity, it's a state of mind that brings new energy to the tasks at hand and sparks creative solutions.
Make Their Day When you "make someone's day" (or moment) through a small kindness or unforgettable engagement, you turn even routine encounters into special memories. The world becomes a better place the moment you act on an intention to serve another.
Be There The glue in our humanity is in being fully present for one another. Being there also is a great way to practice wholeheartedness and fight burnout, for it is those halfhearted tasks you perform while juggling other things that wear you out. You can multi-task with "stuff, " but you need to "be there" for people.
Choose Your Attitude When you look for the worst you will find it everywhere. When you learn you have the power to choose your response to what life brings, you can look for the best and find opportunities you never imagined possible. If you find yourself with an attitude that is not what you want it to be, you can choose a new one. The attitude you have right now is the one you are choosing. Is it the one you want?

Positive Reinforcement Plan

Fishing Tickets Fish Tickets are given to the students that are “caught” following school expectations in bus line and car line areas.  Several are picked daily during morning broadcast and these students receive a fish sticker from the office. 
Classroom Rewards Each teacher has their own individual classroom reward program.
Terrific Kids Breakfast Each month one student from each classroom that has been “fishing” is honored at the Terrific Kids’ breakfast.  Parents are invited to attend.
Fun Freaky Friday Each Friday afternoon, 1 student from each classroom will be invited to attend a Fun Freaky Friday party with the Principal in the office.